Whether residential, buildings, ready-to-use houses, land or lots, real estate is one of the most traditional forms of investment. Investing in your own real estate is a way to build a secure asset and, many times, for life, even leaving it as an inheritance for your children’s children.

Having your own property also symbolizes security, relief, well-being, and health, after all, having your own space puts an end to any worries related to rent, maintenance and renovation of the structure, risk of being evicted, among others.

Therefore, when an opportunity to participate in a real estate project arises, the best thing to do is to grab it with all your might. Are you still in doubt if this is really a good idea? Check out the list below and understand why buying your own property is a great option.

1) To stop paying rent

The first reason on our list is the most obvious, but very important. Having your own home eliminates a major expense: rent. Money is the basis of everything, with a good salary, taking advantage of the best prices and buying the best products, we can live well. Do you know how much the rent is for a house with enough rooms for you and your family?

In the current economy, many people are paying more than a minimum wage to house their families, and this is a monthly debt that hinders all other financial commitments, such as water and electricity bills, market expenses, clothing, and vehicle maintenance. After all, those who don’t pay the rent run the risk of becoming homeless.

2) Security

Living well is synonymous with living safely. In moments of crisis, such as a pandemic, for example, several uncertainties may arise and put in check the plans that were previously made. In this situation, those who have their own house or apartment will still feel a great relief, that of having a home.

When investing in a property, you can opt for one with a good location and adequate infrastructure. Some condominiums even have modern and efficient 24-hour surveillance systems. Just research all the options and evaluate the points related to security before closing a deal.

3) Price

Real estate prices are increasingly competitive. Due to several factors of the current economy (purchasing power, number of unemployed people, volume of purchases), there has been a direct impact on the value of different types of property, land, houses, and apartments being some of them.

With the fall in prices, interest rates have also dropped, making it even more advantageous to make this type of investment. As the economy recovers, these numbers will rise. In other words, the time to invest and pay less is now.

Furthermore, there is also the possibility to finance a property and take advantage of very advantageous payment possibilities.

If you want to buy your own property now, get in touch with VRV. When you talk to one of our brokers, you will get to know our latest launches and understand how our plans work. We are sure you will find the ideal home for you!