Have you ever heard of Scandinavian decoration? Also called “skandi”, this style is characterized by more neutral tones, organic shapes, and simplicity. More and more in vogue every day in the world of interior design, it has become a trend among those who would love to have a little piece of nature inside their homes.

If you identify yourself with one of these people, and love the sensations of freshness and calm, continue reading this text and find out how to appropriate this beautiful decoration for houses and apartments of all sizes.

Color palette

The base that sustains the skandi style is its color palette, which leaves the vibrant and flashy aside to incorporate the best of neutral and light tones. White, gray, beige, and other pastel colors only leave the scene when wood and brown appear, invoking the air of nature.

But let’s make something very clear: the choice of your palette is not random, it also has a purpose. As the Scandinavian style originated in countries with few sun rays, the shades are there to help keep the environments well-lit and cozy.

Presence of nature

For Skandi decoration to be complete, it is important to draw natural elements into the home. And how to do this? Simple, by using decorative objects and even furniture that refer to nature. For example, handicrafts, furniture with exposed wood, organic forms, leather, metal, ceramics, and so on. One or two potted plants per room will also help with this effect!


Another pillar of the Scandinavian style is minimalism, that is, the good old saying “less is more”. This idea is explored both in the design of each piece of furniture and in the number of pieces you decide to place in each room of your house or apartment. Minimalist furniture usually has straight lines, smooth surfaces, and is visually “wild card”, that is, easy to harmonize.

Thinking in this way, the way to use minimalism is to integrate each room with only what is really necessary, without exaggeration, always focusing on quality. After all, simplicity can be extremely beautiful for those who know how to use it!

Beauty in imperfection

All this may sound too organized and perfect for you, right? But there is one detail that makes all the difference in skandi decorating: the details that are purposely “out of order”. This means surprising you with elements that shouldn’t be there, like a group of pictures of different sizes leaning against a wall instead of hanging.

The appreciation of small imperfections is a great charm and reminds us of some characteristics of the Japanese Wabi-Sabi style/ideology. Also, the little messes show that there is life there and that it is moving all the time.

As you can see, these are the four pillars of Scandinavian decoration, which can be one of the ways to decorate and bring life to your home. Do you think skandi suits you and your family? Start appropriating it today!

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