The pandemic was one of the main factors that shook the economic structure of Brazil. People started to spend more time at home, study and face-to-face work was eliminated or reduced (hybrid model adopted), thus affecting several practices and markets in society. One of the sectors that have undergone changes is real estate, which already promises novelties for 2022.

Among the predictions of entrepreneurs, specialists and organizations in the real estate industry is the challenge of overcoming the deterioration of the macroeconomic scenario due to the increase in inflation, caused by relevant political uncertainties. However, on the other side, there are also positive issues inherited from the effect of past years.

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Responsibility of real estate companies and professionals

Looking at how the market works also means looking at the people who work within it. They have had their routines strongly modified by the pandemic, moving from the in-person to the remote – such actions should continue in the coming years. With the good coverage of the home office, the digital mechanics should gain propulsion for several services and businesses.

The distance from the consumers starts to demand more tact and clarity in the relations of exposure, buying and selling, and renting. Working with real estate products in order to supply demand should become more delicate, especially if you take into account issues such as location. Therefore, specialization and training should bring better results regardless of the evolution or regression of the economic and social scenario.

Real estate size is a major concern for 2022

Another alarming differentiator is the size of the real estate property that will gain more demand. As Brazilians’ daily life has changed, the legacy of these new habits is to enjoy the moments inside the home, therefore, large, well-divided or integrated rooms must be highlighted differentials. Space for resting, physical activities, and work will meet the demands of different buyers.

The customization of apartments should also emerge strongly throughout 2022. This possibility will guarantee the adaptation of the environments to the families’ needs, maximizing comfort, well-being, and safety – it is as if they were building the residence once again, but without investing the millions used to acquire the property.

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Search for strategic location becomes a trend

The 2022 real estate scenario shows buyers’ preference for well-located apartments. One factor is the custom of waking up very shortly before work, so that people no longer want to waste time in traffic when they adopt the hybrid model or abandon the home office altogether.

In this sense, a well-located residence does not have to be the one in the most expensive neighborhoods and big cities. On the contrary, it should be the options that provide the resident with easy access to means of transportation, such as subways, bus corridors, or avenues.


Real estate prices are expected to change in 2022

Compared to 2021, real estate prices should not weigh heavily on the consumer’s pocket, favoring access to a new apartment and superior to the house they previously owned. According to entrepreneurs and analysts in the sector, the reason for this is mainly the difference in the costs of construction materials, especially steel and cement.

However, despite the difficulties inherited from the pandemic and that may arise in the future (depending on the total containment or evolution of the spread of the virus and its variants), 2022 can be considered a moment of opportunity for real estate buyers in the long term – especially if we consider the new attitude of companies, the change in the consumer profile, and more competitive prices.

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